Commercial food processors – why are they the best?

What are the commercial food processors you ask? Well, allow me to write an article and tell you all about them. I’ll give you a fresh perspective on why commercial food processors are the best, and why it is worth it to spend so much money on one kitchen appliance.

I understand why people are somewhat skeptical when it comes to food processors. They certainly cost a lot, and you don’t know enough about them in order to justify giving away that kind of money. That’s about to change if you stick around until the end of this article and give me a chance to shed a bit of extra light on the whole matter. I will be giving you some really useful insights into the world of food processors and sharing my views and opinions I’ve formulated over the years.

First of all, we need to see what are commercial food processors and how do they differ from noncommercial ones. The term commercial is just a fancy way of saying the professionals use them. Those are the models used in the fancy kitchens of fancy chefs in all the fancy restaurants world wide. I’ve already written an article dealing with this subject whether professional chefs use food processors or not, and we’ve reached a conclusion that not only do they use them, but they couldn’t imagine going on without them.

best commercial food processor


And can you blame them?

These animals among kitchen machinery tear to pieces everything you put in front of them, every time with the same consistency and quality. That’s something not a lot of chefs in the world can do, let alone their helpers in the kitchen who would be in charge of such menial tasks if there weren’t for food processors.

So, by now you probably know what my main argument is going to be. If you’re able to afford one intended for home usage, you can consider yourself pretty lucky since they tend to cost in the ballpark of several thousand dollars.

If you can afford the professional iteration of the food processor you either own a restaurant that’s doing pretty well, or you have a really good thing going on this planet. If you indeed can afford to buy a professional food processor, don’t hesitate for a moment. It’ll make your life so much better it’s not even funny.

This goes in both scenarios. If you own a restaurant just wait and you’ll see how much faster those orders will be coming out and how beautiful they will be every time they are served. All cut perfectly and stuff. If you don’t own a restaurant but you want to get you home kitchen-ing to the optimal level, a commercial food processor is also a godsend for you. It’ll increase the quality of your kitchen existence like you wouldn’t believe.

Commercial food processors reviewAllow me to give you a couple of reasons why food processors are amazing, and you can get there for commercial food processors by simply using the key I’ve already given you. These are more awesome, so everything I say about the regular ones goes way more for those used by the professionals in the cutthroat world of professional cuisine.

Food processors save time like crazy. They’ll do all you can do after years of learning and practice, but they’ll do it much better and way faster. That’s basically it, they’re faster than you’ll ever be and there’s no point in even trying. So, whether you’re a business owner or a home-user, they definitely pay off.

As I’ve hinted already in the previous paragraph, they do things better than people can. It’s a logical thing to expect, they’re machines and it’s natural a machine will slice and pulverize things better than a human ever could.

They slice everything, so there will be far less food you’ll have to throw away. So, they’re all about saving I would say, and commercial food processors even more so.

They will save you time, energy, money, and they will do a better job than any human could. Sounds like a good deal to me, and a good set of argument to give these beasts a good ol’ try if you can afford it.

You won’t regret it, I promise you. 

Making a Frizzy Hairstyle Work for Special Occasions

One of the most common advices that people with frizzy hair receive is to ‘tame’ or ‘smoothen’ their hair. Thus, people tend to flat iron their frizzy hair without mercy and use a ton of anti-frizz hair product or hairspray in the process. The problem with frizzy hair is that it is not really easy to tame because sometimes, after styling the hair, the frizz can return and make your hair look like a bird’s nest!

So, as a frizzy-haired girl, what can you do? First of all, you don’t always need to work against your frizz; you can always work with it, i.e. embrace your frizzy hair and make the most of it instead of fighting it. In case of special occasions, when you really want to look your best, you should avoid fighting your frizzy hair problems. Instead, make your frizzy hair the foundation for your hairstyle.

frizzy hair

Having a frizz can be good

Yes it can, because it gives you the supremely stylish ‘messy’ look that most of the celebrities sport these days. So, frizz is not always a bad thing, even in cases of hair updos for special occasions, it can add the much-needed texture and volume! So if you have a special occasion coming up then you should choose from amongst hairstyles which require your hair to be frizzy, i.e. hairstyles which wouldn’t work on smooth and ‘controlled’ hair! Are bob hairstyles trending again? Well, the answer is a definite ‘Yes’! If you have a bob hairstyle then you can switch it up on special occasions by going for a tousled or ‘bed-head’ look. A textured wavy bob can look really stylish and it goes well with dresses. So ditch the smooth and sleek bob as the frizz and extra texture can make this hairstyle more interesting.

If needed, you can use a volumizing mousse for extra hold. You can also use a large barrel hair curler to add some defined waves to your textured bob. For girls with long hair, frizz can be used to create a beehive updo.

This hairstyle works best on dirty hair or hair that has not been washed for 2-3 days. Just use a dry shampoo at the roots to get rid of the greasy look and use a fine-toothed comb to backcomb or tease your hair at the crown.

frizz hair

The frizz in your hair would naturally add some texture to it, therefore you wouldn’t need to tease it too much and end up damaging your hair. Once you’ve got a satisfactory volume, you can go ahead and sweep your hair into a messy bun or try an intricate updo if you’re good at working with your hair. For these styles, it is always advisable to go for a messy updo instead of an uptight perfection. If your hair is long enough then you can have it teased, puffed up and held in place using a claw clip and for the other half of your hair, you can create a messy fishtail braid.

This unruly hairstyle looks good in case of formal occasions and can be combined with a fancy top or a dress. The messy look of the fishtail braid allows you to free yourself from trying to catch a glimpse of your hairstyle every now and then in the mirror and worrying about whether your hair has frizzed up or not!

What colors to wear this year?

Ok, stylish girl, let’s take a moment to look at what’s trending this year so that you turn heads next time you walk into that club.

Here we go – colors that are cool and fashionable this year, the ones that everybody who’s anybody is rocking…


It is one of the best and most sought colors this year. It is an airy blue color with a creamy feel to it. The color has a cool and calming feel. It also has a wet and watery feeling once you see it. To women, it is one of the favorable colors. By viewing it well, it looks like a stress reducer and will make you look calm always.

colors to wear in 2015

Scuba Blue

The other trending color this year is the scuba blue. It has hit the market by a storm for its carefree look. It has a cool shade and adds a lot of excitement to the wearer. The color is reminiscent to that of a tropical ocean. It is one of the best in fashion designing since it will give the customers a pleasant and an inviting feeling. You can pair it with 19-4052 classic blue.

Beveled Glass

It is a soothing green shade color that is also trending this year. It keeps coming up every time due to its appearance. It has a fresh, cool, refreshing and a clarifying feeling. To some, it almost looks transparent since it is light in weight and also in tone.

Classic Blue

colors to wear in 2015Do you want a reliable and a thoughtful color? Then you should go for the classic blue. It has an inspiring feeling that will give you confidence and be in harmony.

Toasted Almond

Most of the people who are currently looking for total coolness prefer the toasted Almond color. It is a comfort offering color and is indicative of a spontaneous summer feeling. It looks natural and appealing mostly to men.

Strawberry Ice

The color suggests a cooling and a refreshing delicacy. It has appealing warmth, and it is a charming color. To the wearer, it evokes a sense of being in the zone that says , I’m healthy and I’m glowing.”


Energizing and full of zest for life, which is also the message that the person wearing tangerine items seems to be emitting – “Love life.” It’s striking enough to stand on its own though it adds a vitality of a printed pattern.


Just like its name, it is a delicious and delectable yellow color. By viewing it, it is a sweet and sunny type of color. It is on of the best trending colors currently. It comes with relaxation and comfort to the wearer. To the customers wearing the colors, it has an affable and relaxed disposition.


The color has one of the best contrast views. It has a daring and an inviting tone that gives you confidence and stability. It is a grounding red-brown that makes it look natural.

How the quality of your hair iron can make or break your hairstyle and what you can do about it

Let’s explore a problem that all of us girls know all to well – the bad hair day. Let’s look at it from different angles talk about how a top rated hair iron from a reputable brand like a Paul Mitchell hair straightener can save the day. And let us also review some of the other options out there.

Let’s just imagine a scenario…

You have been invited to a really swanky party that everyone you know has been trying to find an invitation to. You’ve bought a new dress just for the occasion, a pair of new shoes to match the dress, and you are planning to spend the afternoon just before the party in the hair salon.

But, things don’t always turn out as planned, and your boss hands you an assignment that he needs that day (as they usually do). There goes you salon appointment.

And, it’s just started to rain which means that you are going to come down with a case of the frizzies. You want to take your straightening iron to it, but that might make the situation even worse. So, what do you do?

I guess it’s a do it yourself kind of situation and it doesn’t all come to your skills with a hair iron. Often, the very quality of your chosen hair iron can be the difference between a wonderful evening and returning home in tears with mascara pouring down your cheeks mixed with tears.

Some of the best options when it comes to hair straighteners:

Chi Flat Irons

Chi Hair IronsChi’ is a word that you are going to see a lot all of the top hair salons. They make very good (and extremely distinctive and colorful) straightening irons. But, it’s important to remember that Chi is not the brand or the same line of products as Chi Home, since this is a common confusion that could get you in trouble if you assume they’re both the same level of product.

Chi Home appeared in the marketplace in around 2009 and people immediately assumed that Chi had simply come out with a line of products for home use. And, I’m guessing that the “evil” minds behind the Chi Home brand wanted you to think that. The truth is that the chi Home brand and line of products is of vastly inferior quality.

When you get a genuine Chi, you get a straightening iron that maintains a steady adjustable level of heat that reaches around 450 degrees Fahrenheit in some models. But, the operative word is steady. The cheaper irons tend to fluctuate in temperature over the entire ironing surface, creating some areas that work fine some areas that don’t. This can give your hair a disheveled and uneven look. By using a Chi, this will never be an issue.

Remington hair straighteners

Remington hair ironsThe Remington line of hair straighteners are generally thought of being as being high-quality hair care items.

However, there have been some reviews that I’ve seen posted on some of their models that have failed to impress me. So, in being somewhat loyal to the Remington brand, I’ll offer my opinion on a model in the Remington line of straightening irons that I personally like.

The Remington S9500 Pearl Styler has been my constant companion about five years now. It does everything that I ask of it, and the feature of it revolving 360 degrees is just clever design. I found to my dismay, when I had to use my friend’s in an emergency, that this is certainly not the case with other hair irons and that this alone makes the world of a difference.

The S9500 gives away smooth and even, non-fluctuating heat up to about 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This iron works perfectly for my needs, and I don’t think that Remington could ever improve on its design.

How to Choose Glasses That Would Fit Your Hairstyle

While the main purpose of glasses could be to improve your vision or protect your eyes from sun and dust, it is important that they also look good on your face.

Choosing the right glasses for your hair style could be a difficult and challenging task. This is because there are endless options available out there and one would often find themselves in a state of confusion and indecision when it comes to choosing the right glasses.

So over the next few lines we will try and find out the various points to be taken into account when it comes to identifying the right glasses. At the end of the day there is no denying the fact that more numbers of people are being forced to choose reading and looking glasses because of various factors. The most common reason is spending too much time in front of the computer and the television. Playing games can also hurt eyes quite badly.


Shape of Your Head

While many of us pay a lot of attention to the face while choosing glasses for our eyes, we often tend to over look our hairstyles. There is a close relation between the hairstyle, apart from the shape of our face.

Hence hairstyle needs to be given the importance it deserves when it comes to choosing glasses. The color of your hair needs to be taken into account as well. If it’s brown then it might not be a bad idea to opt in for black glasses. Pink or blue frames could also be a good choice.

If somebody has blond hair then going with green, coral or different shades is always a good choice. Those who have black hair would not find these choices as good tough.

Research and Gather As Much Information As Possible

glassesThe best way to choose the right classes is to gather as much information and knowledge as possible. It would not be advisable to rush through the entire process.

The internet is perhaps the best place where one could get the right kind of information when it comes to choosing the right glasses keeping in mind the color of hair, the type of hair, the face types, size, and shape and so on.

There are many professional websites that could help customers in more ways than one. There are also many communities and discussion forums which could also shed some new light on the subject.

Therefore at the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that the whole process of choosing the right glasses has to be done carefully and with due diligence.

Are BOB hairstyles trending again?

BOB hair styles have been in existence for decades but they seem to be coming back with a bang. Bob haircuts have a way of looking good on women from different walks of life and this is why they are very common.

Celebrities can comfortably wear bob haircuts while at the same time professional women and rock stars can still rock the same style. It is the versatility and ability to accommodate a woman’s personality that makes bob hair styles very unique and interesting.

Some trending bob hairstyles

Long version of bob (LOB)

bob hairstylesThis is becoming a very popular style for women who don’t fancy the aspect of having short hair. The LOB incorporates the style of the traditional bob but in this case the hair is longer (shoulder length). This style goes well with all professions, looks and face types. With LOB, all hair types can be easily styled including a smooth straight hairstyle and wavy hairstyle. The LOB is for women who want to keep their sense of femininity and stay chic and flexible at the time. Longer hair is seen as a sign of femininity and the LOB allows the women to still keep their long hair.

Chin length bob

This is specifically ideal for a straight and smooth hair style. This is one of the most common types of bob hairstyle that almost every woman who loves bob has tried.

The essence of the chin length bob is to keep hair straight, smooth, shiny and well groomed. This hair style mostly flatters women with a square like face shape. To keep the hair straight and smooth at all times a flat iron comes in very handy. It is important to identify where you will be parting your hair to get the length right before having a haircut.

Super short bob

beutiful bob hairstylesThis is for the more daring type of women who are not afraid to keep extremely short hair. This hairstyle is a common signature style with celebrities like Ciara and Rihanna. This bob hairstyle comes out well when the hair is layered to give it a fancy look. Color can also be added to this hairstyle to avoid the plain and simple look. Layers add volume to it although there are women who still prefer it smooth and straight.

Shaggy bob

This bob has chin length just like the standard bob style. The uniqueness of this style comes in the shaggy look. To achieve this shaggy look, layers give the bob style a full and shaggy look that stands out. Just like the super short bob, this hairstyle is a sign of boldness (like in bravery, not absence of hair J) and ability to stand out from the rest. It’s most suitable for oval and round faces.

Medium length bob

This is not the classic chin length bob while at the same time it is not the long bob. The length of this one falls somewhere between the chin and shoulders but does not touch the shoulders. This hairstyle suits almost all types of face shapes and it is suitable for a smooth and straight hair to give it the stylish clean look.

Hair Trends for Summer

With summer just around the corner, just thinking about the sweltering heat is too much, let alone trying to curl, flat iron or blow-dry our hair. That being said, it’s time to get creative, letting the hair trends for summer be your muse and with a few effortless tips and tricks you can take air-dried strands to a whole new level of chicness.

What is the hottest summer haircut?

If balayaged tresses are the hair color trend of summer, it is safe to say lob haircuts’ are the go to hairstyle. This versatile lob look is usually a uniformly blunt cut with very little to no layers. The classic lob haircut length typically falls between the chin and collarbone. One of the best things about this hairstyle is that you don’t have to bake your hair with hot tools to achieve this popular look, you can just apply a textureized spray or use an inexpensive dry shampoo, concentrating it on the middle section down to the roots. The variety of looks that this flexible haircut can pull off is incredible. It’s best styled straight and smooth so it’s tasteful enough to wear to the office and weddings or add a cool twist by styling it slightly way, making it edgy enough to hit a beach party.

Hair Trends for Summer

Are there dazzling hair trends to flatter long hair?

If you have longer hair and hate the hairs that stick to the back of your neck, the perfect summer style to beat the heat, which can be created in multiple ways, is a classic top knot! Start by placing your hair into a comfortable high ponytail and slightly tease the ends to create lots of volume. Start wrapping the textured ends in one direction slowly around the base of the ponytail, fixing it in place by using bobby pins sprayed with hairspray for that extra hold. If it looks too polished, to get the look to frame your face a little more, lightly rub your fingers on the hair around your face, loosening the shorter pieces for that messy look.

Is there such a thing as easy and quick summer hairstyles?

Braids are basic but don’t have to be uncreative and boring. A textured fishtail braid can complement any face shape and the soft yet structured braids can be quickly put together in less than five minutes. Begin by loosely pulling your hair back, low, and off to one side before braiding a classic four-strand fishtail braid. An expert tip, don’t plait your hair too tight; as it can create bold spots and you want the braid to feel full and vibrant when you’re done.

Can accessories work?

Hair Trends for Summer2Whatever hair trend you choose, you can always add your personality into the look with simple or statement accessories. The options are limitless and inexpensive, and it’s a chic, modern way to keep the hair out of your face on those sizzling summer days. Choose from simple scarves or pretty floral garlands for that feminine touch to a flowy maxi dress or add a spiked headband into a braided hairstyle for a sharper look.

You can undoubtedly rebuke the summer frizz by taking some cute all the rage hair trends for summer as inspiration. You can upgrade your hair by plunging into a fresh new haircut or simply refining your look with a few twists and pins. With these quick tips, you can easily pull off and test drive chic versions of these hair trends for summer.