Hair Trends for Summer

With summer just around the corner, just thinking about the sweltering heat is too much, let alone trying to curl, flat iron or blow-dry our hair. That being said, it’s time to get creative, letting the hair trends for summer be your muse and with a few effortless tips and tricks you can take air-dried strands to a whole new level of chicness.

What is the hottest summer haircut?

If balayaged tresses are the hair color trend of summer, it is safe to say lob haircuts’ are the go to hairstyle. This versatile lob look is usually a uniformly blunt cut with very little to no layers. The classic lob haircut length typically falls between the chin and collarbone. One of the best things about this hairstyle is that you don’t have to bake your hair with hot tools to achieve this popular look, you can just apply a textureized spray or use an inexpensive dry shampoo, concentrating it on the middle section down to the roots. The variety of looks that this flexible haircut can pull off is incredible. It’s best styled straight and smooth so it’s tasteful enough to wear to the office and weddings or add a cool twist by styling it slightly way, making it edgy enough to hit a beach party.

Hair Trends for Summer

Are there dazzling hair trends to flatter long hair?

If you have longer hair and hate the hairs that stick to the back of your neck, the perfect summer style to beat the heat, which can be created in multiple ways, is a classic top knot! Start by placing your hair into a comfortable high ponytail and slightly tease the ends to create lots of volume. Start wrapping the textured ends in one direction slowly around the base of the ponytail, fixing it in place by using bobby pins sprayed with hairspray for that extra hold. If it looks too polished, to get the look to frame your face a little more, lightly rub your fingers on the hair around your face, loosening the shorter pieces for that messy look.

Is there such a thing as easy and quick summer hairstyles?

Braids are basic but don’t have to be uncreative and boring. A textured fishtail braid can complement any face shape and the soft yet structured braids can be quickly put together in less than five minutes. Begin by loosely pulling your hair back, low, and off to one side before braiding a classic four-strand fishtail braid. An expert tip, don’t plait your hair too tight; as it can create bold spots and you want the braid to feel full and vibrant when you’re done.

Can accessories work?

Hair Trends for Summer2Whatever hair trend you choose, you can always add your personality into the look with simple or statement accessories. The options are limitless and inexpensive, and it’s a chic, modern way to keep the hair out of your face on those sizzling summer days. Choose from simple scarves or pretty floral garlands for that feminine touch to a flowy maxi dress or add a spiked headband into a braided hairstyle for a sharper look.

You can undoubtedly rebuke the summer frizz by taking some cute all the rage hair trends for summer as inspiration. You can upgrade your hair by plunging into a fresh new haircut or simply refining your look with a few twists and pins. With these quick tips, you can easily pull off and test drive chic versions of these hair trends for summer.