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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Birthday to my best friend since high school, Kate! She has an Earth Day Birthday! That always made it easy for me to remember the date of Earth Day! :) This is one of my favorite pictures of us, taken by the very talented Trish.


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I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of a post I wanted to put up for Earth Day, and since this blog is all about the little things you can do to make easy green changes in your life, I thought I’d talk about what I’m doing today (and in general) and hear about what you are doing!

* I went for a run outside instead of going to the gym. It’s a GORGEOUS day here in SF, and it’s a short run from my house to Golden Gate Park. I actually stopped in the middle of my run to just look at the trees and feel the breeze (ok, and catch my breath). Being surrounded by nature made me remember WHY I care about the environment, and why it’s important to make green changes. I hope you are able to take even a few minutes today to appreciate nature where you live!

* I will not drive at all today. I generally try not to drive when I am in the City (is that obnoxious? “The City?” I bet there are some New Yorkers who would beg to differ with my capitalization! Heh), but today I may go to the grocery store to buy some bulk items, and I have to lug all my compost over to my Dad’s house, way across town. It would be much easier to drive, but I’m not going to. It won’t be convenient, but I will find a way to make it work, because it is important! If you have to drive today, try to carpool!

* I will eat only vegetarian sushi from the restaurant my Dad is treating us to dinner from tonight. I don’t feel comfortable eating the fish there – it’s no Tataki!

* I won’t turn on the lights unless I need to. As I mentioned, it’s a gorgeous day out – the natural sunlight is enough!

* I will avoid buying anything that comes in a package today (with the possible exception of milk, which I get in returnable glass bottles).

* As always, I’ll bring my own bags, try to buy in bulk, and buy local and organic products!

What will you do to celebrate Earth Day? Do you have any unique green tips I may have never thought of?


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