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Sushi, Ice Cream & Other Cute Things

Happy Monday, all!

I had such a fun weekend! It started with dinner with my girlfriends from college at my favorite sushi restaurant, Tataki. It’s sustainable and amazingly delicious! It just melts in your mouth, yum! I love sushi, but hardly ever eat it for sustainability reasons, so this was a real treat. Of course, I had to take a few pictures!

Golden State – all-local tribute to California: spicy scallop with minced apple topped with albacore tuna, avocado and 24k gold flakes

Extinguisher – spicy amberjack topped with avocado, habanero masago, hot sauce

So good! Oh, and here’s a goofy pic of my side of the table. The rest were way too silly (or just plain bad/embarrassing) to post! ;)

Saturday, I headed up to Sebastopol, a small town in Sonoma County where I went to high school, for the Apple Blossom Parade and festival. I brought my roommate and future roommate-in-law, Jaime and Chris of Wedding Road Trip. Check out their blog, it’s awesome! We had a great time watching all the silly parade floats and eating apple pie. But the best part was a stop at the best homemade ice cream place in the world, Screamin’ Mimi’s. I’m telling you, if you ever find yourself in Sonoma Country, it is a must- try! My favorite is Mimi’s Mud: espresso ice cream, homemade fudge, chocolate chips and chocolate sandwich cookies. To die for! I also had a bit of creme de menthe and Galaxy, a chocolate chip that is out of this world (har har har). And I was so excited to see their new packaging – compostable bowls and spoons!



I also stopped in an adorable store, Shiki Monkey, and finally got the bag I was lusting after the last time I visited. Check it out – isn’t it so cute? It’s made by Bungalow 360 out of organic canvas! I was seriously so excited after buying this and couldn’t stop talking about it! I also got a matching clutch I’m totally taking to bars. Hey, recycling goes with everything!




Bungalow360 uses solar energy and hybrid cars, recycles and reuses, and donates a portion of their proceeds to animal rescue charities. How cool is that?

On Sunday, I BARTed over to the East Bay for lunch with my sister – an amazing dungeness crab, avocado and pepper jack sandwich. So good! Then we spent the day thrift shopping for some new (used) clothes for her new job as an Education Coordinator at a succulent garden! I was her Personal Thrift Shopper and it was a ton of fun – she was surprised at how much she liked the stuff I picked out for her. ;) She ended up getting 2 pairs of jeans (Express and Bebe), a Bebe dress, a sweater and four shirts for $110. We were shocked at the total – such a good deal! Buying used is totally win-win.

All her bounty in the Envirosax I got her!

All in all, a pretty fun, pretty green weekend!


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